UI Kit Bundle

UI Kit Bundle helps making game UI in Unity.

A complete set of UI elements, Icons, Buttons, Panels and more that will cover all UI needs for your game projects.

This package is ready to use for Unity’s built in UI System.

Beavy UI Kit is a customizable, mobile-friendly game UI pack contents buttons, title ribbons and panels which are using 9-sliced sprites.

Loading Bars (Blue, Green & Yellow Colors)
Sliders with 3 Different Styles in 7 Filling Colors of Currencies
Progress Bars with Icons (Lives, Energy, Star & Skull)
Profile Bars for Currencies with 2 Different Styles (Long & Short Versions)
9-Sliced Panels in 3 Styles (Plain, Yellow Outline & Dark)
9-Sliced Ribbons with 2 Options (New & Old)
5 Colors Tab Buttons for Currencies (Red, Green, Blue, Pink & Yellow)
2 Shop Buttons with Coin & Gem Packs
7 Coin Packs including Watch & Win Option
7 Gem Packs including Watch & Win Option
3 Unique Animated Gift Boxes (Red, Purple & Yellow Colors including Ready to Open & Open Animations)

Login Username & Password
Announcements and Messages Button with notification badge
2 Different Play Buttons
On/Off Slider
Victory Cup & Horns
Game Over Skull
2 Different Plus Buttons
3 Different Close Buttons
Daily Reward Buttons

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9 Unique Big Icons with Black or White Outline Options

Map, Bomb, Target, Elixir, Armor, Attack, Defence, Health & Time

3 Different Styles 9-Sliced Buttons with 10 Different Color Options

Purple, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, White & Black

64 Unique Icons with 3 Different Styles

Sharp Corners, Rounded Corners & Shaded

6 Currency Icons

Coin, Gem, Energy, Star, Heart & Skull

All UI Elements in this package are vector files and UI_Kit_SuperPack.AI file is included in the kit.

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