GUI Kit Pro – Knight Fight

GUI Kit Pro Knight Fight helps making game UI in Unity.

An ultimate set of generic UI elements suitable for any game design. We prefer to represent it by creating a Knight Fight game. Icons, Buttons, Panels and more and more that will cover all GUI needs for your game projects with a WOW! effect.
📦 This package is ready to use for Unity’s built in UI System. Just drag and drop prefabs into your canvas to design your own screens.
The pack includes unique icons, shiny buttons, animated chests and card packs, animated unique flags and animated knights all including particle effects to give your game a juicy look
💣 77 Unique Big Icons & 288 Pictograms (Flat & Shaded options are available)
🟠 6 Different Styles Buttons including 9-sliced feature
16 Different Color Options for all UI Elements. Greyscale version is also included to give you a freedom to change your color via overlay color selection in Unity
Night, Cream, Brown, Silver, Light Green, Green, Red, Light Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Aqua, Black, Greyscale
💎 9 Currency Icons in light & dark color mode
Money, Coin, Diamond, Gem, Energy, Star, Heart & Skull. All currency icons have 4 different styles such as Plain, Outlined, Shear and Shear Outlined
🎗 Headers and Titles
Flags and Ribbons in 16 different colors
🔐 3 Animated Treasure Chest
Light & Dark chests are in 5 colors options (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue & Purple)
💰 Increasing Shop Packs for currencies
Coin, Money, Diamond & Gem for both Light & Dark option
🟠 Panels
9-Sliced Panels in 2 Styles. Scroll and slot UI elements are also included for both styles. Available in 16 different colors
👩 👨 Profile UI Elements
Currency Labels with plus icon, Profile frame with big and small filling bars, On/Off Toggle, Slider, Checkbox, Stage dots and Login text boxes
3 Progress Bars
Block, Solid and Icon filling bars and 3 different badge options
🏰 Visual Castle Generator
Walls, Towers, Flags, Roofs, Gate & Windows pieces to create your dream kingdom
🌟 💀 Animated Level Complete Headers
3 Stars Level Complete and 1 Skull Level Failed headers are animated with particle effects
📑 2 Different Tab Styles including Control Script
Just Drag & Drop Tabs prefab into your canvas and arrange it with your game elements

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Lucky Wheel – Wheel of Fortune Mini Game

We hope your project will be the next big thing.
Best wishes


📚 All UI Elements in this package are created as vector files. Illustrator & Pdf sources are included in the Source Files Folder.
Layered PSD version is not included, if you need that please reach us.
🛡 3 Little and 2 Big Knight characters are included with 6 animations on them. (Idle, Walk Attack, Damage, Win & Dead) Please check our WebGL Playable demo to view how they work
🏰 Castle pieces are included to create your own kingdom, just use your imagination and drag and drop pieces to reach your dream castle
🃏 There are two types of loot box such as improving chests and surprise card packs. All prefabs are animated and enhanced by particles. Please view our WebGL Demo to view them in action
🚩 7 Unique flags are ready to use including clan logo on them. (Lions, Bulls, Dragons, Kings, Knights, Foxes, Unicorns)

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