Treasure Hunt – Find the Gem Mini Game

Ready to use Treasure Hunt

Ready to use customizable Treasure Hunt – Find the Gem will be your another powerful monetization tool.

Drag & Drop Treasure Hunt prefab into the scene and customize your rewards for your need. There are 9 chests and your keys that you can give in your game. Touch the chest and open it. When you are out of key, popup will be occurred with the amount of your reward.

Set your rewards, we’ll mix and put them inside 9 chests. If you want you can change chest visual according to your rewards. There are 4 different type of chest visuals as bronze, silver, gold & elite.

– 4 different type of chest
– Currency Icons: Coin, Money, Star, Energy, Life & 4 Different Gems ( 4 Color combinations for each )
– 9 Cells grid board
– Key Icon
– Popup panel with header and 2 claim buttons

UI Kit Pro – Kawaii is the complete pack which includes suitable UI elements to use with this Lucky Wheel together.

📱 UI Kit Pro – Kawaii

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– Animated chests

– Drag & Drop Prefab is ready to use

– Easy to customize rewards and icons

– Pre-made Claim Popup with rewarded ad button

– 4 different gem icons with 4 different color options for each

– Animated popup appearance and button reflection

– Particle effects to improve satisfaction

– All animations are Unity animations so you don’t need any other asset

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