Slot Machine – Jackpot Mini Game

Ready to use Slot Machine

Ready to use customizable Slot Machine – Jackpot will be your
powerful monetization tool.

Drag & Drop Slot Machine prefab into the scene and customize your rewards for your need. Spin it by spending coins or for free. When the three slots stop at the same icon claim popup will be occurred with the amount of your reward on it.

It has 7 different icons on rolling slots. Every slot icon has its chance on it so you can control your reward percentage easily. You can define reward amount for your slot icons and select your reward type as coin or gem or your currencies in your game.

There are two buttons with the same event to start the machine. Classic red ball handle on the right and the other one is catchy green button on the bottom. We added two types of bottom table for your selection, so you can show your reward list or not.

– 7 Slot Icons (Bomb, Book, Crown, Elixir, Magnet, Sword, Target)
– 1 Coin, 1 Money, 4 Different Gems (4 Color combinations for each)
– Slot Machine including animated lighting bulbs on it
– Spin button & Red Ball handle
– Popup panel with header and 2 claim buttons
– Reward List table (changes automatically according to your

UI Kit Pro – Kawaii is the complete pack which includes suitable UI elements to use with this Lucky Wheel together.

📱 UI Kit Pro – Kawaii

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– Drag & Drop Prefab is ready to use
– Easy to customize rewards and icons
– Pre-made Claim Popup with rewarded ad button
– 3 Slot with 7 different icons
– 2 currencies, Coin and Gem as rewards
– Reward Percentage Control option to select which slot is more
valuable and deserved than others (Less Gems more Coins in our demo case)
– Animated popup appearance and button reflection
– Particle effects to improve feelings
– Animated lighting bulbs
– All animations are Unity animations so you don’t need any other asset

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