Playing Cards Design Pack

A complete set of playing cards with different design styles. If you plan on making a card game and add more visual design to sell in your game then this special pack is definitely for you.

All cards can be used for many Casino games like Poker, Blackjack, Solitaire, Bridge

Playing cards, joker & back of cards are inside different 2048×2048 textures for every deck

We hope your project will be the next big thing.
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There are 8 different design option with joker cards and 4 colors for back of card design for each deck. Every deck has its own unique Heart, Diamond, Spade and Club icon design

Classic and modern card design is perfect for customization option for your card game. You can give option for your users to customize their playing cards. You can even sell them with in game currency.

Optimized for mobile games and HD visuals

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